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The Enlightened Sales Rep

It's 8:55 AM in Brookfield, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee. Sandi Zier is pulling into the parking lot of Mayfair Shopping Center for her first
appointment of the day.

As she gets out of her car and walks to the
store, she only carries one sample bag and a brief case. This is because she no longer needs the volumes of price pages and order forms that she used in her former life as a gift rep. She now uses a Visor, which is a small handheld PDA, to write orders and keep her life organized.

Zier is a 25-year veteran selling gift and stationery products in Wisconsin. She exemplifies the typical multi line rep that is expected to sell 20-30 lines of product, stay organized, make a living on straight commission and still try to have a life of her own. It's much easier to do now that she has technology to assist her. Her Visor holds all her manufacturer data, customer data and product data. In addition, it serves as her appointment book, calculator and scanner.

Zier meets the buyer at the back door, as the store doesn't open until 10:00 AM. They exchange pleasantries and then get down to business. As the buyer reviews one of the manufacturer's catalogs and chooses items to purchase, Zier scans an identical catalog that has been bar-coded. When the buyer expresses her desire to stop, Zier sees that the order total is $420 and explains to the buyer that freight and dating is available at $500. The buyer agrees to add a few more items to reach the $500 level and take advantage of the terms. Everyone wins! After taking orders for three additional lines, Zier thanks the buyer and heads off to her next appointment.

When calls are done for the day, Zier heads back to her home office and syncs the Visor with her computer. The daily orders are saved, printed and emailed or faxed to the manufacturer and customer. She spends a fraction of the time doing orders and office work as compared to the old days when orders were hand written!

According to Zier, "I love not having to hand write orders! I love not having to total orders! The orders prove to be much larger when you just scan the item the customer wants and they all seem to love the fact that we are in front of the competition with technology. Using a Visor has made the business fun again!"

Salesforce Automation - A Wealth of Advantages

Research shows that sales reps spend as little as 10% of their time in front of the customer. The other 90% is spent preparing, travelling, waiting and following up on problems. Technology can significantly improve these percentages, which translates into more sales and higher income.

Preparing for the sale:

The typical giftware manufacturer can easily have over 1,000 items in their product line. To say the least, it is challenging for the rep to keep up with all the price changes, discontinued items, added items and out of stocks for 20 to 30 different lines. In fact, many times it's just plain impossible to manually keep up with all the changes. But here's where technology can help. A Visor will hold up to 32,000 product items and 10,000 customers. And the Visor can be updated with current product changes within minutes. The rep can be confident that when in front of a customer, he has the most current data.

The sales call:

With such a small percentage of a rep's time in front of the customer, it's imperative to make every minute count. A typical buyer might only allow 30-60 minutes for the rep to present multiple product lines and write the orders. Scanning has proven to be very time effective in the showroom and now has become a very practical solution on the road. It seems that the biggest advantage to scanning is that the salesperson can spend his time selling and interacting with the buyer, rather than writing out item numbers, descriptions, prices and totals which simply wastes valuable selling time. With scanning, reps write more and larger orders. The accuracy and legibility of the orders is vastly improved and buyers appreciate the added professionalism of automated reps.

After the sales call:

The biggest gripe of the average sales rep is the amount of time spent after the sales call doing paperwork. Technology has just made it a lot easier! By downloading from the Visor to the rep's computer, orders can be instantly sent to the manufacturer, customer and principal. And orders can be changed or saved and printed for future reference. No more hand writing orders, looking up sales information, mailing orders, filling out sales reports and all the other paperwork that the rep was required to do.

Regain your life:

Being a rep in the gift industry can be rewarding, but also immensely time consuming. Technology cannot only increase your sales and income, but also give you back precious time to spend doing the important things in your life.

So, do you want to ...

Save time?

Be more productive?

Increase the size of your average order?

Be more professional?

Regain your life?
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