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Personal Digital Appliance (PDA)

Scan products on the road or in the showroom.

Maintain 10,000 customers and 30,000 products.
and more...










Are you a ...























Road Rep











Rep Principal





















Windows Order Writer





























WOW™ (Windows Order Writer)
was designed specifically for you!
















Spend less time writing orders and more time improving your sales!













Integrated help and tutorials make it easy to write an order.














Find the right product and provide better service for your customer!













Ensure your orders are accurate while increasing your productivity!











Find out what products are your best sellers!














Have the option of use a bar code scanner to enter your information!














Write orders on your PC or on your PDA!















Send your order electronically!



















Automatically add your orders to Commi$$ioner our Back Office System?














Regain your Life?






































Read about the





Enlightened Sales Rep










Enlightened Sales Rep
























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Online Manufacturers



























































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