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What Is WOW
What is WOW?
WOW, which stands for Windows Order Writer, is electronic order writing software that makes order writing for the sales person easier and more efficient.

WOW was designed for the sales professional.
Why was WOW developed?
Sales professionals are overwhelmed with catalogs, price lists, supplements, memos, discontinued lists and newsletters.

The pile gets higher every day! The biggest complaint from sales people is the amount of paperwork they have to do after making the sale.

The average sales professional is expected to sell from multiple lines of merchandise, which will typically average 1,000 products per manufacturer or more. Keeping all of this data up to date and readily available is a huge job!

The sales person has to be extremely organized just to survive.

WOW is the tool that can maintain this data and make it more available, accurate and productive for you.
How does WOW differ from the competition?

The short answer is that it's much simpler and less expensive.

WOW works with you to keep your product data accurate! Our website makes updating your information easy!

When was WOW was designed, the focus was to build software to help the sales person write smarter and larger orders.

WOW has the best support in the business. Just ask any of our customers.

WOW has the best back office system available. The Commi$$ioner system is a highly adaptable commissioning system. It is easy to use and it interfaces seamlessly with WOW's scanning and order writing systems.

How does the product information stay up to date?

WOW receives product data directly from the manufacturer or from you.

WOW publishes this data on a secure web site, authorizing data for the specific sales people.

The data is downloaded by the sales person from the web site to their PC where it updates the WOW database.

Your data always stays up to date.

WOW can keep all of your sales staff update and connected!

How does the purchase order get sent to the manufacturer?

The representative can fax the order or send it electronically (as a file) to the manufacturer.

With electronic orders, a group of orders can also be sent to the manufacturer in the same fashion.

WOW can send orders via email too!

What are the hardware requirements for WOW?
This is the good news!

Your existing PC will likely work with WOW with no changes...

The software works on every Microsoft Operating System.

WOW works on Macintosh computers also with Windows emulation software.
Does WOW have built in reports?

WOW comes complete with reporting.

Choose from sales reporting, customer analysis, order analysis, ect.

WOW lets you customize the reporting

  • choose date ranges
  • select customers
  • select manufacturers

Create a report, print preview it.

Send the report in Adobe (PDF) format.

- PDF simplifies the ability to view any report.
- All formatting is persevered with PDF. All you need is Acrobat Reader (free).
What about the back office?
WOW provides a seamless interface to Commi$$ioner - a superior back office commissioning system.

It is a total business management system...

The Commi$$ioner is a unique sales tool, with its primary function being to convert sales data into easily viewed, on screen information that helps to better and more profitably lead your business.

The Commi$$ioner is a marketing driven program using a number of on screen analysis tools that can be viewed, filtered, sorted, printed or emailed to assist you in totally controlling your business.

The effective, total management of your business is vital to your success! This includes managing, reps, customers, manufacturers and dollars!
Commi$$ioner does all this and more.
How do the orders from WOW get entered into Commi$$ioner?
WOW has an order consolidation module, which allows the field reps to send their orders electronically to the rep principal's headquarters location.

The orders are electronically transferred to Commi$$ioner.

You have the option to inspect and modify field orders before they are transferred.

There is no re-keying of the order data, saving valuable administrative time.