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What is WOWSCAN?

A handheld Personal Digital Appliance (PDA) equipped with a scanner, specialized software and a copy of WOW Software for your PC.

Scan products on the road or in the showroom.

Maintain 10,000 customers and 30,000 products.

Create orders anywhere and create your finished PO's with WOW Software.

Don't want to scan ? No problem - you can still create orders by selecting your products with the stylus.

Use WOWSCAN as your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) on the road.

  • Maintain customer data, look up customer information, etc.
WOWSCAN is fast and accurate.
  • Eliminate data entry errors.
  • Minimum order requirements for each product are automatically created.
  • After scanning is done, you can print a PO for your customer in seconds.
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